Photos Chosen for Exhibition

A few weeks ago I joined GuruShots. They run Challenges, in various themes, where you submit photos and other members get to vote on them. You start off as a Newbie and rise up, eventually and through other stages, to Guru, by earning points from entering these challenges. I am currently at Rookie level. That’s one up from absolute bottom!

Some of the challenges can result, if you get enough votes, in your photos been chosen to be shown in Exhibitions at various galleries around the world. Pretty exciting huh? Of course I never expected to be chosen for anything like that. I was sure that those opportunities would be won by really great photographers like the Champions and Gurus.

But to my utter surprise and amazement, I have had two photos chosen for exhibitions!

Chosen for Stills Centre for Photography, Edinburgh, Scotland
Chosen for BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Both of these photos have been chosen to be Digitally showcased, not printed and hung on a wall, but I’m still thrilled to bits. I presume it means they will be shown with others on a screen of some kind.

Have you ever entered any photography competitions or challenges? How did you get on? What was your experience? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!

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